AWS Essentials + Developing on AWS Training

Duration: 5 Days

Course fee:$749.00 (₹55511.71)

AWS Essentials is generally designed for the Administrators and Developers who want to learn AWS for giving in depth knowledge of AWS products, services, and common solutions.Developing on AWS helps the developers to deal with AWS SDK for the complete secure and flexible AWS Applications

Date : Jun 24, 2019 – Jun 28, 2019

Time : 9 AM to 2 PM CDT (7:30 PM to 12: 30 AM IST)

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Course Content

1. Learn Benefits of Cloud Computing

2. Define Your Cloud Strategy

3. Let’s have Introduction to the AWS Cloud

4. Study Security and Compliance

5. Learn Cloud Financials

6. Now Migrate to the Cloud: Move toNext steps

7. Introduction to AWS.

8. History of AWS

9. Start with AWS

10. Now learn about key AWS storage options

11. Amazon EBS

12. Study Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objects

13. AWS compute and networking options

14. Study VPC

15. Study EC2 Instance

16. Study DynamoDB

17. Learn about Amazon RDS

18. AWS CloudFormation

19. Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarms

20. Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)

21. Introduction and working to Choose a Data Store

22. Development of Storage Solutions with Amazon S3 and Flexible NoSQL Solutions with Amazon DynamoDB

23. Learn All about Events

24. Developing Event-Driven Solutions with Amazon Kinesis Stream , Amazon SWF, Amazon SQS, and Amazon SNS , AWS Lambda

25. Learn use of Amazon CloudWatch to monitor your application and AWS Resources

26. Learn Development of Secure Applications

27. Use Caching Information for Scalability

28. AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CloudFormation


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