ElasticSearch Training

Complete Searching for the information and the Retrieval of the related information to the intended user using ElasticSearch.

Date : Mar 18, 2019 - Mar 21, 2019

Time : 9 AM to 2 PM CDT (7:30 PM to 12: 30 AM IST)

Guaranteed to Run

Duration: 4 Days

Course fee:$599.00 (₹0)


Product Description

ElasticSearch is completely based on Lucene which is considered to be one of the most leading search-engine. ElasticSearch Online Training generally provides distributed search engine capability making the developers to work with large scale based Applications. ElasticSearch Training includes the basic information about the installation along with some configuration that needs to be performed for ElasticSearch Applications. Distributed Models is the concept which makes the ElasticSearch Application to be used by many developers across the globe for making consideration for ElasticSearch developer. The concept of Multitenancy being introduced in the ElasticSearch Online Training makes the Application more specific to secure and Flexible Application. Many Searches are included in the ElasticSearch Training primarily aiming to work with searches used for the complete Applications easily.


The main objective for the ElasticSearch Training is to understand the working of ElasticSearch including the Analysis, Problem Solving and building Real world Application.

Advantages of ElasticSearch Training

  • Complete response to the faster query for getting powerful database results in a proper way
  • Search is performed in a more smarter way which in turn enables the users to create some delightful decisions
  • Productivity of the Application is being increased for getting the information in a precise way.


Additional Information

Course Content

1. Basic Overview of ElasticSearch

– Features of ElasticSearch
– Pros and Cons for ElasticSearch

2. Understanding the working of ElasticSearch in detail

3. Installation of ElasticSearch

4. Performing some basic Configuration on ElasticSearch

5. Understanding the concept of Querying Data on ElasticSearch

– Writing and submitting queries on ElasticSearch

6. Dealing with Text Analysis and Mappings scenario

– Working with Analyzers and Filters

– Understanding the Mapping concept in ElasticSearch

7. Introduction to Distributed Models in ElasticSearch

8. Performing some Troubleshooting in ElasticSearch

9. Understanding the concept of Improving Search Result in

10. Dealing with Data Aggregation in ElasticSearch

11. Performing some Security Configuration in ElasticSearch

12. Dealing with Field Modeling

– Using Granular Fields

– Using Field Types

13. Concept of Fixing Data

14. Introducing the concept of Document Modeling

15. Working with Advanced Search and Aggregations

16. Advanced Concept of Cluster Management

17. Using Capacity Planning in ElasticSearch

18. Working with ElasticSearch Internals

19. Performing Monitoring and Alerting Functionality in ElasticSearch


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