Hyperledger Fabric using Composer Training

Duration: 3 Days

Course fee:$449.00 (₹33277.38)

Hyperledger Fabric is one of the leading and foremost Blockchain Application framework used across the world

Date : Jun 03, 2019 – Jun 05, 2019

Time : 9 AM to 2 PM CDT (7:30 PM to 12: 30 AM IST)

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Course Content

1. Basic Overview of Hyperledger Composer

2. Understanding Key concepts in Hyperledger

– Basic Blockchain State Storage
– Understanding Connection profiles
– Using Assets
– Understanding Transaction and queries
– Dealing with Access Controls

3. Overview of Solution Architecture

– Using Execution Runtimes
– Dealing with Javascript SDK
– Using REST Server
– Working with Loopback Connector
– Using Playground Web User Interface
– Understanding Yeoman Code Generator

4. Installation of Hyperledger Fabric

– Basic Installation of prerequisites
– Installation of Development Environment
– Installation of Playground Only

5. Understanding Playground Handson

6. Understanding Developer Tutorial

7. Understanding Queries Tutorial

8. Deployment of Hyperledger Composer Business Network for Single Organization

9. Deployment to Multiple Organization

10. Development of Business Network

– Understanding Models
– Access Controls
– Deployment and Testing
– Integration

11. Understanding Business Network Definition

12. Creation of Business Network Definition

13. Deployment of Business Networks

14. Concept of Emitting Events

15. Testing of Business Networks

16. Application Development using Hyperledger Fabric

– Concept of writing NodeJS Application
– Concept of Writing Web or Mobile Application
– Event Subscriptions

17. Integration of Existing Systems

– Generation of REST API
– Event Publishing concept from REST Server
– Enabling Authentication for REST Server
– Securing REST Server using HTTPS and TLS
– Deployment of REST Server for Business network
– Integration with Node-RED
– Calling External REST Services

18. Hyperledger Composer Management Solution

– Understanding Participants and Identities
– Adding Participants
– Creation, Exporting and Importing Business Network Card
– Issuance of New Identity to Participant
– Binding Existing Identity to participant
– Listing all Identities in Business Network
– Revoke Identity from participants


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