MongoDB Training

MongoDB  is free open-source platform document-oriented database program for making developers life easier

Date : Apr 01, 2019 - Apr 02, 2019

Time : 9 AM to 2 PM CDT (7:30 PM to 12: 30 AM IST)

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Duration: 2 Days

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Product Description

MongoDB online training includes the basic information for  NoSQL & its related Architecture Patterns and MongoDB which helps the developers. MongoDB online training primarily aims for developing tools for working with Database Configuration. MongoDB shell help to query and update data as well as perform administrative operations for developers. MongoDB is Document-oriented Data and indexing helping the developers to work with Database. MongoDB Online Training discusses on using the Monitoring Management. In MongoDB online Training, the developers generally work with the Querying Data & Optimization. The concept of MongoDB Online training helps the developers to deal with Aggregating result MongoDB Online Training helps the developers to deal with basic usage of MongoDB and working with more function of MongoDB. Concept of Replica sets provide redundancy and high availability and are the  basis for all production deployments. MongoDB online training helps the developers to deal with database more precisely. On the completion of MongoDB online training, developers can easily work with Database Configuration for the Application on any platform. Our aim to includes for MongoDB online service will help to easy for work.


  • To offer Mongo DB technology as a tool to utilize new traditions for storing and switching data that can be modeled as document format
  • To cover basic things for building and designing applications on top of MongoDB successfully by configuring, deploying and maintaining basic administration
  • Clear understanding and sound knowledge of NoSQL and Mongo DB concepts; Learners will also have core knowledge of best-practices that should be followed while functioning with Mongo DB

Advantages Of MongoDB Training

  • Training works closely with the cloud partners along with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) as to perform platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and software-as-a-service
  • Training is employed to handle documents in a free schema design that offers developer greater flexibility to store and use data
  • Helpful in execution of Mongo DB solution from developer standpoint and understanding the architecture as to avoid common mistakes
  • Always help in starting structured real world applications on Mongo DB and recommending the finest deployment strategies for such applications
  • Offer technology architecture topics related with cloud- based solutions and its services

Additional Information


1. Understanding NoSQL Concept & Architecture Patterns and MongoDB.

2. Development using Mongo DB.

3. MongoDB Shell.

4. Document-oriented Data and Indexing.

5. Monitoring Management.

6. Querying Data & Optimization.

7. Aggregating Result.

8. Replication.

9. Update & Deletes.

10. Sharing.


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