Puppet Fundamentals Training

Duration: 5 Days

Course fee:$749.00 (₹55511.71)

Puppet Fundamentals training is designed keeping in mind professionals along with implementers, administrators and systems integrators.

Date : Jul 01, 2019 – Jul 05, 2019

Time : 9 AM to 2 PM CDT (7:30 PM to 12: 30 AM IST)

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Course Content

1. Fundamental component roles for creating enterprise puppet or/and open source puppet

2. Core conception for the Puppet DSL, with:
– Modules and Classes
– Classification
– Resources
– Relationships
– Language Constructs

3. By utilizing templates, separating logic from presentation

4. Modeling repeatable portions of your configuration by using Defined Resource Types

5. by utilizing advanced classes, building a foundation tobuildmore complex configurations
– Parameterized Classes
– Introducing Inheritance
– Introducing Data Separation utilizing Hiera
– Revisiting Classification utilizing parameterized classes andADB

6. Introduction to utilizing modules from Puppet Forge and Supported Modules
7. A short introduction to the roles and profiles design pattern


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