TensorFlow Training

TensorFlow is software library specifically used for data flow programmatically for the Application across range of tasks

Date : Dec 24, 2018 - Dec 25, 2018

Time : 9 AM to 2 PM CDT (7:30 PM to 12: 30 AM IST)

Guaranteed to Run

Duration: 2 Days

Course fee:$299.00 (₹21658.06)


Additional Information

Course Content

1. Introduction to the Machine Learning System

2. Basics of Recursive Neural Networks (RNN)

3. Understanding the basics of TensorFlow

4. Data Preparation using TensorFlow

5. Graph Building concept using TensorFlow

6. Model Training concept for TensorFlow

7. Model Evaluation Process

8. Advanced Usage for TensorFlow

9. Serving Concepts for Tensor Flow


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