HCNA Basic Security Network Training


Duration: 5 Days

Course fee: (₹0)

Product Description

Basic Introduction to Network Security

  • Overview of OSI Model in Detail

  • Introducing the concept of TCP/IP

  • Dealing with Security Issues for TCP/IP

  • Understanding Common Network Attacks

Understanding the basics of Firewall Technology

  • Introduction to Firewall

  • Understanding the Functions and Features of Firewall

  • Dealing with Device Management in Firewall Terminology

Introduction to Security Policy defined for Firewall

  • Understanding the Technology for Packet Filtering

  • Understanding forward Principles for Firewall

  • Dealing with Applications for Firewall Security Policy

Introduction to Network Address Translation Technologies

  • Overview of NAT

  • Understanding NAT Technology based on Source IP Address

  • Understanding NAT Technology based on Destination IP Address

  • Using the concept of Bidirectional NAT Technology

  • Overview of NAT Application Scenarios

  • Dealing with NAT Configuration

Understanding the concept of Firewall Dual-System Hot Backup

  • Understanding the principles for Dual-System Hot Backup

  • Dealing with Networking and Configuration

Introduction to User Management in Firewall

  • Basic Understanding of User Authentication

  • Dealing with Principles for AAA Technology

  • Using Applications for User Management

Understanding the Networking Scenarios in Firewall

Dealing with the features concepts of:

  • VLAN

  • SA and E1

  • ADSL

  • WLAN

  • 3G

Basic Introduction to VPN

  • Overview of VPN in detail

  • Understanding technologies for VPN

  • Various Classification used for VPN

Introduction to L2TP VPN

  • Understanding VPDN

  • Dealing with L2TP VPN Technology

  • Understanding the concept of Client-Initialized L2TP

  • Understanding the concept of NAS-Initialized L2TP

Understanding the concept of GRE VPN in Detail

  • Basic Overview of GRE VPN

  • Understanding GRE VPN Technology

  • Application Analyzing Scenarios for GRE VPN

Basic Introduction to IPSec VPN

  • Understanding the basics of IPSec VPN

  • Dealing with Architecture of IPSec VPN

  • Dealing with AH, ESP, IKE Technology

  • Understanding Application Scenarios for IPSec

Understanding the concept of SSL VPN

Dealing with Basic Technologies for Firewall UTM

  • Introducing the concept of UTM

  • Basic Technologies used for UTM

Introduction to concept of Terminal Security

  • Basic Overview of Terminal Security

  • Terminal Security System Deployment

  • Terminal Security Policies Deployment


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