HCNP Security Training


Duration: 15 Days

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Product Description

Constructing Infrastructure of Security Network

Basic Overview of Firewall Services

  • Understanding the concept of Firewall Device Management

  • Using AAA for Mastering in Firewall Management

  • Concept of Password Recovery in Firewall Device Management

Discussion on Advanced Security Features associated with Firewalls

  • Understanding the concept of Traffic Limiting Policies

  • Introducing the SLB in detail

Overview of Reliability Feature in Firewall Scenario

  • Understanding the IP-Link Technology

  • Understanding the BDF Technology

  • Understanding the Eth-Trunk Technology

  • Overview of ByPass Technology

  • Understanding the Dual System Hot Backup Technology

Understanding the concept of Virtual Firewall Technology

  • Introduction to Virtual Firewall

  • Dealing with Virtual Firewall Technology Principles

  • Understanding the Applications for Virtual Firewall

Overview of Advanced VPN Application for Firewall

  • Introduction to VPN Concept

  • Using IPSec as an Advanced Application

  • Using L2TP Applications over IPSec VPNs

  • Understanding SSL VPN Application

Introducing Concept of Basic Attack Defense Technologies

  • Introduction to Network Attacks

  • Understanding Attack Defense Technologies Defense Concepts

  • Dealing with Attack Defense Applications

Understanding Anti-DDOS Technologies with Firewall perspectives

  • Introduction to Common Anti-DDoS Technologies

  • Defining Solution Designs for Anti-DDoS Technologies

  • Using Networking and Configuration for Anti-DDoS Technologies

Learning Firewall Features in more detail

  • Understanding the process of Troubleshooting Methodologies

  • Dealing with Troubleshooting for Security Policies

  • More on Troubleshooting for Advanced Security Features

  • Using Dual-System Hot Backup Troubleshooting

  • Introducing troubleshooting concept on L2TP VPN

  • Introducing troubleshooting concept on IPSEC VPN

  • Introducing troubleshooting concept on SSL VPN

Constructing Terminal Security System

Basic Introduction to Terminal Security

  • Understanding the various security threats faced by Intranets

  • Understanding challenges faced for Terminal Security Solutions

  • Dealing with Multidimensional Defense System

Introduction to Design Principles for Terminal Security

  • Basic introduction to Terminal Security Design Principles

  • Understanding Terminal Security Technology

  • Introduction to Policy Center System

Installing and Deploying Terminal Security System

  • Installation of Terminal Security System

  • Configuring Policy Center System

  • Deployment of Terminal Security System

Terminal Security System Operation and Maintenance

  • Understanding Operation Management

  • Dealing with System Maintenance

  • Introducing Operation Tools

Understanding the concept of Document Security Management System

  • Introduction to DSM

  • Dealing with features of DS

  • Various Application Scenarios for DSM

  • System Installation and Deployment for DSM

  • Basic Operations on DSM

Troubleshooting of Terminal Security System

  • Roadmap of Policy Center Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Tools Introduction

  • Policy Center Classic Troubleshooting Cases

DSM Classic Troubleshooting Cases

Constructing Service Security Network

Introduction to Content Security

  • Overview on Information Security

  • Dealing with the Content Security

  • Content Security Technologies in detail

Intrusion Detection and Prevention Technology

  • Foundation of intrusion detection and prevention

  • Introducing Technologies for Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Application of the Intrusion Prevention Technology – NIP

  • Application of the Intrusion Prevention Technology – UTM IPS

Antivirus Technologies for Gateways

  • Basic Knowledge of Viruses.

  • Virus Signatures and Common Tools for Detecting Viruses.

  • Antivirus Technologies for Gateways.

  • Application of Antivirus Technologies for Gateways.

WEB Filtering Technologies

  • Overview of Web Filtering

  • Website Filtering Technologies

  • Applications of Web Filtering

Spam Filtering Technologies

  • Basic concepts of spam

  • Spam filtering technology

  • Anti-spam (RBL filtering) technology

  • Mail content filtering technology

  • Spam filtering technology applications

DPI Technologies

  • DPI technologies Background

  • DPI Overview

  • DPI Applications

Troubleshooting for UTM Features

  • IPS Fault Troubleshooting

  • AV Fault Troubleshooting

  • URL Fault Troubleshooting

  • RBL Fault Troubleshooting

  • DPI Fault Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting of Database updated


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