NE Series Routers Maintenance Training


NE Series Routers Introduction
Basic Overview for NE Product Hardware

  • Understanding the Hardware Architecture for NE routers
  • Dealing with Board Types for NE Routers
  • Understanding the NE routes board functions and specifications features

Huawei VRP5 Quick Start
Introduction to Huawei VRP5

  • Understanding the Basic Configuration for VRP
  • Dealing with Information Center for VRP
  • Concept of performing File Operation on VRP
  • Understanding the Software Upgrade Concept on VRP
  • Hands-on Exercise Guide to Huawei VRP5 Configuration Basics

Concept of Basic Operation Configuration for VRP

  • Introduction to Remote Device Management
  • Introducing Terminal Information Output Control Scenario
  • Using File System Management
  • Dealing with Various FTP Operations

IP Routing Basis
Introduction to the concept of Routing Protocol Basis

  • Basic Overview of IP routing
  • Introduction to the Concept of Static route

Performing Practical’s on Static Route and Default Route

  • Static Route Configuration Scenario
  • Default Route Configuration Scenario

OSPF Protocol Feature and Configuration
Understanding the Feature and Configuration  for OSPF

  • Basic Introduction to OSPF
  • Concept of Route Calculation in OSPF
  • Understanding the basic configuration for OSPF
  • Understanding the OSPF Application Scenarios

Performing Practicals on OSPF Routing Protocol

  • Dealing with the concept of Area Configuration for Single OSPF
  • Introducing the concept of Multi-Area Configuration for OSPF
  • Introducing the Special Area Configuration for OSPF
  • Dealing with External route import configuration
  • OSPF default route configuration

BGP Feature and Configuration
Basic Overview of the Features and Configuration for BGP

  • Introduction to BGP
  • Concept of Route Transfer Process for BGP
  • Understanding the concept for BGP path control and selection
  • BGP Configuration Scenarios in details

Performing Practicals for BGP Protocol

  • Basic Introduction to IBGP and EBGP
  • Understanding Route Aggregation for BGP
  • Understanding BGP attributes and path selection

VRRP Feature and Configuration
Introduction to HA

  • Understanding the concept of The high availability of the network
  • Dealing with HA Technologies

Understanding the Features and Configuration for VRRP

  • Basic Introduction to VRRP
  • Dealing with the principles for VRRP
  • Dealing with the Configuration for VRRP

Performing Practicals on  VRRP Feature

  • Dealing with the Basic Configuration for VRRP
  • Understanding the Configuration for VRRP tracking uplink interface
  • Introducing the Priority Configuration for Special VRRP

BFD Technologies and Configuration
Basic Introduction to BFD Technologies

  • Basic Overview of BFD
  • Understanding the concept of Packet structure
  • Understanding the concept of Detecting principle
  • Concept of Typical application in network

Performing Practicals on BFD Technologies

  • Introduction to the Configuration for BFD
  • Dealing with BFD for OSPF configuration
  • Working with BFD for BGP configuration
  • Dealing with BFD for VRRP configuration

NE Series Routers Routine Maintenance
Introducing the Concept of NE Series Routers Routine Maintenance

  • Basic Introduction to NE series routers routine maintenance items
  • Dealing with the direction perspectives for NE series routers routine maintenance operation


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