Numberplate Identification System Training


Duration: 12 Days

Course fee: (₹0)

Product Description

Scope of Work for Number Plate Identification System:

Total 12 Days training includes Theory & Practical Sessions:


  • Architectural overview of Image Processing System

  • Hardware Component selection for Designing Image Processing system

  • Camera System Fundamentals


  • Raspberry Pi Introduction

  • Linux Operating system set up on raspberry pi


  • Configuring Operating system for communication with Hardware

  • Clock Settings

  • SSH Settings

  • UART, SPI, I2C Communication set up

  • Network Settings

  • Camera interfacing to Raspberry pi

Day 4, Day 5 & Day 6:

  • Algorithm overview for Image Processing

  • How to Select best algorithm for image processing system

  • Python package installation and configuration for image processing

  • Open cv Fundamentals

  • Implementation of Open cv on hardware

  • Processing the Image using Open CV & Python/C++.

  • Color Tracing implementation

  • Number plate localization, Edge Detection, Character segmentation Implementations

  • Character recognition method implementation for detecting number plate characters

Day 7 & Day 8:

  • Visual Studio Set up for GUI development

  • Data communication methods between processing Unit and Database management system

  • C# Firmware development for implementing MQTT Client.

  • Publish, Subscribe, Security configuration in MQTT

Days 9:

  • Communicating with Hardware using C# Firmware

Days 10 & Days 11:

  • Making Database in Visual Studio using data collected from Hardware

  • Identifying the results and implementing decision making algorithm

Days 12:

  • Revision, Q&A Session.


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